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Partnering with healthcare providers

Improving Patient Health through modernWeigh's comprehensive weight management program

ModernWeigh, an online medical weight loss clinic, can collaborate with healthcare providers in several ways to assist patients dealing with obesity:

Enhancing Patient Care

Healthcare providers can refer patients to ModernWeigh for specialized obesity management. This collaboration ensures that patients receive comprehensive care, combining general medical treatment with focused weight management.

ABOM Diplomate

Certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM), Dr. Pershwitz combines his expertise with a compassionate approach to help individuals achieve sustainable results.


Multidisciplinary Approach

Providers can leverage ModernWeigh's expertise in weight management and nutrition to enhance their own practice's support for patients with obesity. For more information on our nutrition program please visit our nutrition page.

Convenient and Accessible

Our telehealth platform expands our reach, allowing us to provide care to patients located anywhere in Texas, ensuring statewide accessibility to our services.

Telehealth Convenience

ModernWeigh’s online platform makes it easier for patients to access weight management services, complementing the care they receive from the primary healthcare providers.

Client Portal

Our client portal is available on both web and mobile, enabling clients to schedule appointments, process payments, and share health data with their care team.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging via direct chat allows for unlimited access to Dr. Pershwitz, our dietitian, and the support team. Our chat feature ensures fast turnaround times regarding medication changes, refills, side effect management, adjustments to their nutrition or medical plan, and general questions.


User Friendly

User-friendly tracking interface that enables patients to easily monitor key health metrics, such as logging their weight and tracking BMI.

Patient Tracking

Patients can utilize optional tracking functionalities, such as recording food and water intake, physical activity, and data integration with smart devices including Apple Health, Google Fit, and FitBit.

How to get started

Referral Form

Please fax our patient referral form to (214) 481-6419

Please fax our patient referral form to 
(214) 481-6419

Information Card For Patients

Download and share with your patients.

Learn More

For more information on our services and our process, please visit our Services page.