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Holiday Weigh-In


During the holiday season, we understand that it can seem impossible to lose weight. You are busy. The days are shorter. And there are more tempting treats around every corner. Despite these truths, the common myth that no one stays on track with weight loss during the holidays is simply false.

We’re Always Available

First and foremost, ModernWeigh does not shut down over the holidays. We work even harder to create a road map to help our patients successfully get through the holiday season. Take advantage of this opportunity by signing up NOW rather than in January.

Holiday Tips For Your Weight Loss Journey

If you are waiting for your first appointment or aren’t quite ready to entrust your weight loss journey to us, we still care and wish you success! Use the tips below to stay on track amid all the temptations this holiday season is sure to bring.

Don’t let yourself get hungry

Eat at regular intervals to avoid undue hunger. If you’re hungry, your temptations will be even more difficult to avoid!

Keep your hands busy

Avoid mindlessly grabbing a snack at holiday parties by always holding a glass of water in your dominant hand.

Be active while spending time with friends and family

After your meal, take a walk together or play touch football together. Whatever you decide to do, don’t miss the opportunity to laugh and get in some exercise!

Written By Amanda Herlocker MS, RDN, LDN
Owner of The Queen City Dietitian, LLC and Co-Author of Nutrition Focus at ModernWeigh